Western Hills

Xi Shan or Western Hills (西山森林公园) is a range of hills that lie to the South West of Kunming and to the West of Dian Chi (Lake). They are by far the best attraction around Kunming, here you can do some hiking in the hills and forests, or just visit the temples and the Dragon gate.

The Dragon gate are a group of temples, sculptures, corridors, and pavilions that were carved out of the rock on the side of the hill and offer some spectacular views of the city as well as the lake. It was built around 1835 by a group of Taoist monks. Taihua temple is found about half way up the hill. It was built in the Ming dynasty. Huating Temple is found on the bottom of the hill. It was built in the 11th century, rebuilt in the 14th century, and expanded in the Ming and Ching dynasties.

Photos from Western Hills (Xi Shan) – YunnanChina