Valley of the Kings

After building a few pyramids, and realizing how expensive it was to build them, as well as how much of a target they were to tomb and grave robbers, the ancient Egyptians finally decided to hide their Kings’ tombs. The valley of the kings (وادي الملوك)was chosen because it was remote, well hidden, and some say because the hill top next to it looked like a pyramid.

The location of the tombs in the valley of the kings was a secret until late 19th century when one of the many families who lived in the areas and made their living from looting graves reported that the location contains many tombs. Since then, the valley of the kings has become a major archeological as well as tourist site in Egypt.

Most of the Valley of the Kings photos you will see will be of the outside in the valley, that is because photos are not allowed in the tombs.

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