The roof of the world, the Tibet (བོད)  plateau is the highest land on earth, and with a starting altitude of about 3600 meters above sea level, Tibet is literally breath taking. Visitors are advised to rest on their first day in Tibet to allow their bodies to acclimatize to the low Oxygen and low pressure. One loses breath doing simple physical tasks that are unnoticeable at sea level. The official province name for Tibet is Xizang Autonomous Region (西藏自治区).

Tibet is the center of Buddhism in the world, and Buddhists from all over the world try to make pilgrimage there during their lives. How they get there depends on the individual, but it varies from luxurious flights into Lhasa to literally crawling all the way. The Tibetan landscape is mountainous, arid, and cold. It takes tough animals like the Tibetan Yaks to survive in such a harsh environment. Tibetan homes are also designed with small windows to keep warm in the long cold winter. The YaluZangpu river is the main river in Tibet, with many other smaller creeks and branches over which the locals have built small pedestrian suspension bridges.

Photos from Tibet – China