Thailand Flagis an amazing country to visit in Asia, with everything from modern busy metropolis like Bangkok, to ancient sites like Sukhothai or beaches like Phuket and other islands, Thailand has something for everyone. Thailand’s population is about 65 million with about 15% of Chinese origin, 4% of Malay, while the rest belong a many minority groups spread across the country. About 94% of the population are Buddhists, 4% Muslims, while other religions fill out the rest.

Thailand has a surface area of about 513,000 square kilometers with many islands.  Thailand is a consititutional monarchy with the king serving mainly ceremonial purposes while the elected parliament manages the country’s affairs. Thailand has a very long history which goes back to 1238 when it was known as the Sukhothai kingdom and was run from Sukhothai which is featured on this site. Thailand photos are all over the web, and because the country has so many beautiful scenes and culture, it’s photos are worth looking at.

Thailand Photos