The Sinai (سيناء) Peninsula is the most beautiful part of Egypt, although not a canyon, it’s scenery resembles that of the Grand Canyon in some places. Sinai saw lots of events, it is where Moses saw the burning bush, it is where the Suez Canal is, and it is witness to the bitter wars between Egypt and Israel. They have always fought over this bit of land, and currently, Sinai belongs to Egypt, but is divided into three zones whereby Egyptian military are only allowed so much presence, till, on the Eastern third of the peninsula, there is no Egyptian military presence. The same with the Israel side. From around September till March, when it rains in Sinai, head for high places, flash floods are deadly there. It rains and rains and rains …. and floods.It then dries and dries and dries, until you no longer see any fresh water anywhere, but the underground water is still abundant.

Sinai Photos – Egypt