Sharm El-Sheikh

The Town of Sharm El-Sheikh (شرم الشيخ‎) is the capital of Southern Sinai, it is where all the action is, if it’s action you’re looking for, it is the diving capital of Egypt, and the tourism capital of Sinai. It would then be safe to assume that it is also one of the most expensive areas in Egypt, it is still cheap however because of exchange rates. Sharm El-Sheikh is located around a bay, called Naama bay, where all the hotels and resorts are. From Sharm El Sheikh, you can go diving, boating, fishing, hiking, or just sit on the beaches all day and night. During the summer, the temperatures are generally between 23C and 45C, during winter it would be between 5C and 26C. The water is always around 22C all year round, so great for swimming.

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