Porteau Cove

Located on the sea to sky highway (highway 99) in BC about 40 Kms north of Vancouver, Porteau Cove is a protected marine park and is a great stopping point on the way to Whistler to enjoy the views around the Howe Sound Fjord as well as the mountains and beaches. The name Porteau Cove was derived from a French word and means Water’s gate. Porteau Cove used to be a mining settlement in the early 1900’s and supplied Vancouver with much of its sand and gravel. Today, Porteau Cove is a protected marine park which is a heaven for divers, with plenty of marine life as well as an artificial reef from a shipwreck that was intentionally sunk just off the shores of the Porteau Cove marine park. Porteau Cove marine park also has a camp ground which is very popular in the summer and needs to be reserved in advance. There are also a couple of cabins on the beach that can be rented for a group requiring a bit more comfort than a tent provides. Porteau Cove photos below will show you how beautiful the area is.

Porteau Cove Photos – Howe Sound Lower Mainland British Columbia Canada