Peel Castle Photos


Peel Castle photos here were taken as a result of a visit to the castle. Peel Castle was originally built by the Vikings when they had a settlement on the Isle of Man in the 11th century, and is actually situated on an island just off the Peel harbour.

Peel Castle was also a monastery at one point with the tall round tower shown in the Peel Castle photos below originally part of that monastery but was later fortified with defensive construction. Most of the walls and towers were built primarily from local red sandstone, and therefore, a nick name for the castle is the red castle.

When visiting the castle, one notices many graves as shown in the Peel Castle photos here, these graves were found in the 1980’s during some archeological excavations that also found the original Viking wooden fort as well as a grave of the Pagan lady.

Peel Castle Photos – Peel – Isle of Man United Kingdom