Northwest Maui Photos


Driving on highway 30 then 340 on Maui’s northwest is probably the most hair raising drive in Maui. This is because the road is extremely narrow, with only enough space for one car in some places, and is also full of tight winding turns over high cliffs, and if that wasn’t enough, it is only gravel and not paved in a couple of stretched. However, the Northwest Maui photos on this page were definitely worth the drive.

Northwest Maui begins around Kapalua, then the highway winds and turns past Fleming beach park, Nakalele blowhole, Kahakolua, and ends in Waihe’e which is close the Kahului.

The scenes and Northwest Maui photos found on this drive are amazing. One also gets some bragging rights for driving this road that most tourists are afraid to drive and car rental companies tell you not to drive.

Northwest Maui Photos – Maui USA