Mount St. Helens

This is an active volcano, Mount St. Helens last erupted on May 18th 1980, when it killed fifty seven people. Mount St. Helens is 2550 meters high and is located about 150 kms south of Seattle. Mount St. Helens is today designated as a national monument in the US, this is done in order to ensure that it is studied, protected, and that no one lives close enough to it in case it erupts once more.

Mount St. Helens photos will show you how the eruption destroyed the shape of the mountain and made it open from the side. Mount St. Helens is part of the pacific ring of fire which includes 160 active volcanoes around the Pacific.

Being very close to both Seattle and Portland, Mount St. Helens is a popular destination for visits and explorations.

Mount St. Helens Photos – WashingtonUSA