Maui Photos

Maui is an island in the South Pacific that is part of the Hawaiian group of Islands. With a population of just under 145,000 and a surface area of 62 square Kms, Maui is the second largest Island in the state of Hawaii. Taking Maui Photos is amazing because Maui is full of amazing scenery and beaches that just makes one take lost of photos. Maui is also the highest point in the Hawaiian islands with Haleakalā mountain which is over 10,000 feet high and provides some of the best Maui photos on this site.

One of the most unique things about Maui is the presence of many so-called micro-climates around the island, which, because of the geography, makes different parts of the island experience completely different climates, temperatures, rain, and wind, and also makes the island a lot more attractive for Maui photos.

Below are some cool links to more detailed Maui photos based on area.

Maui Photos – USA