Laxey Photos


With about 1700 population, Laxey is the fourth largest town on the Isle of Man. Laxey means Salmon River in the Norse language.

Laxey is mostly known for the Laxey Wheel, and the Laxey photos below show this wheel as well as other Laxey attractions. Laxey Wheel is not the only wheel in Laxey, there is also the Snaefell wheel which is included in the Laxey photos below. Laxey wheel was built in the 1800’s as a water pump from the Laxey mines.

The geography around Laxey is very interesting since it is built around a small glen that leads to the sea and has lots of cliffs and interesting walks around the village where one can take lots of Laxey photos.

Laxey Photos – Isle Of Man UK