Lahaina Photos


Lahaina Photos on this page represent one of the larger towns on the island of Maui. Lahaina has a population of about 12,000 people living on approximately eight square miles (twenty square kms). Lahaina is also one of the major tourist stops on the island of Maui, with many cruise ship passengers visiting the town every year and taking many Lahaina photos. Because of this, Lahaina has some of the most expensive real-estate on the Hawaiian Islands.
Lahaina was historically the capital of Hawaii back in the nineteenth century but has now been replaced with Honolulu as the modern day capital.
Most of the Lahaina photos on this page were taken on and around the Front street area during tourist season (which is all year around). This road has many shops and galleries and provides an interesting walk along the waterfront.
One of the biggest attractions in the center of Lahaina is the big Banyan tree in the central square, which, along with other attractions such as the court house, the Baldwin house, the old fort, as well as general whale watching tours and other activities, all these are presented here under Lahaina photos.

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