Isle of Man Photos


Aside from the fact that I was born on the Isle Of Man, I would not have normally gone to visit the Isle Of Man. A small island between mainland Britain and Ireland, the Isle of Man is 573 square kilometers and has about 84 thousand people living on it. The Isle of Man photos on this page come from different parts of the island which is an interesting place to visit.

Interestingly enough, the Isle of Man is officially a self-governing crown dependency of the United Kingdom, and not part of the United Kingdom, and therefore, to this day, is not part of the European Union even though the rest of the UK is.  Lots of the Isle of Man photos here will show the island’s mascot and government.

Throughout its history, the Isle of Man was under Norse, Scottish, and British control at one point or another, and, in 1765, when the Kingdom of Great Britain was formed, somehow the Isle of Man was not included in it.

Isle of Man photos below show the cities throughout the Island, with Douglas, Peel, Castletown, Laxey, and Port Erin Photos shown across the different pages.

The Isle of Man is a very attractive tax jurisdiction with virtually none of the other taxes imposed by many countries, and a low income tax within the island, which makes it very attractive for investments and tax shelters by wealthy individuals and corporations.

Enjoy the Isle of Man photos below.

Isle of Man Photos – United Kingdom