Iguazu Falls

With a height of between 60 to 80 meters high, Iguazu falls (Cataratas del Iguazú) stride the border between Argentina and Brazil. Iguazu falls photos are amazing to see and enjoy. Iguazu falls are formed by the Iguazu river crashing after passing through the Paraná Plateau. Iguazu falls actually consists of 275 different water drops around the area, many of which have their own names. Visiting Iguazu falls is an interesting experience because the area sees visitors from Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay, which are all ver close by that part of Argentina. Some of the most famous falls within the Iguazu falls complex are San Martin Fall, Mbiguá Fall, Adán y Eva Fall, Bossetti Fall, and Union Fall where the devil’s throat (Garganta del Diablo) hangs over.

Iguazu Falls Photos – Argentina