Iao Valley Photos


The Iao Valley needle is a major landmark in Maui because of it’s unique structure and shape shown in the Iao Valley photos below. The needle is about 1200 feet high and is covered in lush green vegetation. Iao valley photos on this page also show the rest of the park which not only has the needle but has some other spots and viewpoints to check out. The interesting thing about the needle is that in reality it is a ridge that can mainly be seen from the side and therefore, from that point of view, looks like a needle and is thus famous for the Iao valley photos.

Iao Valley was actually formed by the Iao stream going through it and forming the valley. Something to note is that Iao is actually spelled with an i and not an L but when types out it appears to be an L.

Iao Valley is considered sacred in Hawaiian history and was the scene of one of the famous historical battles between King Kamehameha the first and the Maui army. The king was trying to unite the islands and take over Maui to achieve that. The valley was also used as a burial ground by the historic kings of Hawaii.  The Iao Valley photos below show some of the natural beautiful scenery on the valley.

The Iao valley was designated as a natural park in 1972 and is now one of the major tourist attractions in Maui with many Iao valley photos available to view.

Below are Iao valley photos that were taken when I was there.

Iao Valley Photos – MauiUSA