I never felt I was really in Cuba until I got to Havana (La Habana). This magnificent city speaks of culture, history, and character. Havana is busy, and reminds me of Alexandria in Egypt, same type of colonial architecture but much more. It’s interesting to see how similar the world is. One thing I noticed before going to Cuba is that there are lots of photos of Cubans on the web, Cubans who look Cuban with a cigar in their mouth and a unique photo look. Well, after going to Havana I realized why, these people are all over tourist areas looking pretty and different from every normal Cuban so they attract you to take photos in return for money. The only person I took a photo of is one I think was a Cuban who wasn’t there for picture taking.

Havana has a population of just over 2 million people, who live on about 730 square kms. Havana was founded in 1515 and became an official city in 1592. Being very close to Florida, Havana used to be the playground of the rich and famous who used to take a quick boat ride to Havana.

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