Hatshepsut Temple

Part of the Hatshepsut temple is engraved inside Al-Qurna mountain west of Luxor city. In an elevated road leading to Hatshepsut temple’s halls, some coloured inscriptions depicting Queen Hatshepsut’s holy birth and her marine expedition on the Land of Punt could be seen. On another part of the temple’s walls, there are some pictures for “Semnout”, Queen Hatshepsut’s architect who designed and supervised the building of the great monument.

Hatshepsut named her temple “Djeser Djeseru”, a hieroglyphic expression meaning, the Splendour of Splendours. After her death, Thutmosis III tried to get rid of her remains and damaged her monuments in Deir el-Bahari, leaving behind no statue intact. In 1967, the Egyptian Antiquities Organization in coordination with a group of Egyptologists and restoration experts from Italy and Poland managed to restore the temple to be later opened for visitors. The Hatshepsut Temple is regularly the background of the famous Opera Aida resulting in many videos as well as Hetshepsut temple photos.

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