Hana Road Photos


Hana is a small village located on the East coast of the island of Maui in Hawaii. This small village is a very popular destination in Maui, not because of the village itself but because of the road that goes to this village, the Hana Highway. This page has Hana Road photos and attractions along the way.

The Hana road was built in 1926 by convicts and prisoners. It was carved out of the cliff, and before it was built, Hana was not easily accessible on the island. Interestingly enough, once you reach Hana, the highway changes to a gravel road after that until it looks around to the South coast and meets the rest of Maui. Hana Road photos mostly show the paved portion of this road however.

Hana Road itself is about 50 miles of very windy, and, in some areas, very narrow road that frankly has too many cars driving on it, mostly tourists trying to do the famous Hana road. Personally, after doing this road and exploring the attractions along it, and taking the Hana Road photos on this page, I found it to be a bit over-hyped. It surely is interesting and has some cool stops, but there are better places, even on the same island that offer the same for less work.

The road itself begins in Kahului and goes east. It starts with a few interesting parks and viewpoints and goes by places such as Hoopika, Maliko, Haiku, Twin Falls, Huelo, and Koolau forest. All of which are part of the Hana road photos below.

Hana Road Photos – Maui USA