Haleakalā Photos


Haleakalā photos on this page come from the national park around the volcano on Maui. The peak of Haleakalā is at over 10,000 ft (3000 meters) high and therefore the altitude is felt when on top of the peak. The most interesting thing about Haleakalā is that the majority of the island of Maui was created by this volcano.

Of course, Haleakalā is also a popular national park in Maui, with lots to do and see on the mountain and around it, and therefore lots of Haleakalā photos can be taken as one explores the area. Hiking around the mountain or park has lots of options from easy short walks to difficult long hikes into the crater.

The landscape within the crater of Haleakalā looks so interesting and different that it is often used by NASA and other space agencies to explore and test some of their equipment destined for space. The colour and nature of the geology around the mountain make amazing Haleakalā photos.

When visiting the mountain, one also sees one of the rarest plants in the world, the silversword, which only grows when a rare combination of conditions are met, some photos of Silversword can be seen in the Haleakalā photos below.

One of the more popular activities on the island is to wake up early and witness the sunrise from the top of the mountain, where an amazing view of the sunrise can generally be seen. And being so high, the peak is also mostly above the clouds and therefore rarely blocked by clouds.

In the Haleakalā photos below, there are some photos of the sunset from the peak since it’s also a very nice view and experience on the peak and has lots of people visiting.

One thing to bear in mind when visiting the peak however, especially if going for the sunset or sunrise is that the temperature goes down very quickly and gets cold very quickly once the sun is not there.[/dropcap]

Haleakalā Photos – Maui USA