German War Graves

Erected by the German war graves commission in 1959 in memory of the German soldiers who died at the battle of El Alamein, El Alamein German war gaves (Deutsche Kriegsgräberstätte bei el-Alamein) (مقبرة الجيش الألماني في العلمين) are an interesting piece of architecture. El Alamein Germain ward graves were built in 1955 and holds the remains of 4213 German soldiers. Make sure you sign their guest book. Also, try to go right to the top, there is an awesome view from there. I have photos of all the stalls in the memorial, so if you are looking for a certain photo, please contact me with the name, and I will look for it in one of the photos and would be happy to email it to you.

El Alamein German War Graves Photos – Northern Coast Egypt