El Alamein War Museum

In 1942, the Germans, led by Rommel, and the Allies, led by Montgomery, fought one of the most decisive battles of World War II : The Battle of Alamein, a tiny town about 120 Kms West of Alexandria. The victory, which went to the allies, saved Egypt for the Allies and led to the defeat (1943) of the Axis powers in North Africa. As a result, this area is now full of war artifacts, and land mines, that still sweep lots of the desert around. El Alamein military museum (متحف  العلمين العسكري) was erected to mark the battle.

Outside El Alamein military museum, are lots of vehicles, cannons, and war remains. One truck was found in 1996 near the Libyan border, it had it’s load of food and weapons intact, and the body of the driver was found in it. After being towed back, rewired, and some oil, this Ford truck started after 50 years in the desert.

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