Douglas Photos


Douglas is the capital of the Isle Of Man. With a population of around 28,000 people, Douglas has was made into the capital in the 1800’s because of it’s geographical proximity to Liverpool in the UK, and thus trade. Douglas photos represent some of the main areas of the city, including the Loch promenade, and some of the city centre areas.

Perhaps one of the most famous thing about the Isle of Man is the TT motorcycle races which take place every summer on the Island, these races normally start and end in Douglas and go around the island. Many of the Douglas photos and Isle of Man photos depict some of these routes.

Being the capital of the Isle of Man, Douglas is also home to the Tynwald, which is the home of the local government, and most of the other government and services organizations are based in Douglas and portrayed in some of the Douglas photos here.

Douglas Photos – Isle of Man United Kingdom