Bull Fighting

Here is a rough layman’s description of the proceedings of a bull fight, it is a very brutal and cruel “sport”:

  • The bull is locked in a small completely dark room for 24 hours before the fight. This aggravates the bull and makes him madder when he is finally released into the arena in daylight full of people and noise, and the  constant harassment of the assistant toreros.
  • Two men on horses enter the arena (the horses are armoured on the side and blindfolded so as not to be afraid of the bull running at it) They further harass the bull until it charges one of them. The one who is charged proceeds by stabbing the bull between the two shoulder bones with a harpoon to further aggravate it and make a wound ready for the torero to insert the harpoons.
  • The two horses exit the arena, and the torero proceeds to dance with the bull, placing harpoons into the wound all along to start tiring the bull.
  • After a certain number of harpoons are inserted into the bull, the torero is ready to kill it by inserting a sword into it’s heart
  • It takes about a minute after the kill stab for the bull to collapse. At that point, the assistant toreros will then stab the bull with a smaller knife in the back of the neck to kill the bull quickly and stop it from being able to move any further.
  • The judge (sitting near the music band) will then give the torero a score based on how skilful the fight was. The torero will either get a tail, an ear, or nothing based on his performance, and the judge will decide that score.

Bullfighting Photos – Spain