Argentina Photos

Argentina FlagArgentina is located on the Southern part of South America and has a population of around 42 million, it is the second largest economy in South America. The name Argentina is derived form the latin word for silver, which the original Spanish conquerors thought Argentina was full of. Argentina became independant from Spain on the 9th July 1816 after a 6 year revolution that started on 25 May 1810. Argentina consists of 22 provinces that are spread over a total surface area of about 2.7 million square kilometers. This makes Argentina a very diverse country in terms of geography and geology, where the northern part of the country is tropical, while the southern part of the country is the launch point to Antarctica and has the furthest city South in the world. This of course means that Argentina photos and pictures are unique, diverse, and beautiful, and many Argentina photos can be seen on this site.

 Salta Province